Tag: Frolic and Detour

  • Martha Minow To Step Down As Dean

    I remember the very first hour of my very first day of law school. I was sitting in the back rows of one of the large amphitheaters in Austin Hall, waiting nervously with my new classmates for Professor Kingsfield to arrive. Well, not really. We knew that our civil procedure professor was going to be […]

  • Lawyer Advertising Around The World

    Who needs a hobby, like tennis, or philately? (Bouns points for anyone who can name that song). As I mentioned earlier this year, I have a hobby when traveling: I like to photograph lawyer advertisements. The best place to do this, in my experience, is Florida. See my prior post for an example, and here […]

  • Case of the Day: Alharbi v. The Blaze, Inc.

    The Case of the Day is Alharbi v. The Blaze, Inc. (D. Mass. 2016). Foreign readers may not be familiar with Glenn Beck. He is one of the group that I like to call the carnival barkers: unserious, pseudo-intellectual commentators from whom many right-wing partisans get their news. (I’m sure there are carnival barkers of […]

  • Blogatory Pet Peeve: Airport Wifi Surveillance

    I’d like to vent today about a problem I’ve known about for a while but that I encountered again today. Bear with me: even understanding the problem requires a bit of set-up.

  • This Is Not A Drill!

    First, to those of you abroad who are friends to America. Don’t worry! We are a strange country filled with strange characters. But our wise founding fathers bequeathed us political institutions that have proved surprisingly strong for more than two centuries. For now, thank goodness, it seems highly unlikely that Mr. Trump could win a […]