• Case of the Day: LS Energia v. Corporation Electrica Nacional

    The case of the day is LS Energia Inc. v. Electrica Nacional S.A. (S. D. Fla. 2023). LS Energia, a Florida company, and its Panamanian affiliate brought an action against Venezuela and its state-owned oil and electric companies. The plaintiffs had begun by seeking to serve all three defendants by diplomatic channels under 28 U.S.C. […]

  • Case of the Day: Palladian Partners v. Province of Buenos Aires

    Case of the Day: Palladian Partners v. Province of Buenos Aires

    The case of the day is Palladian Partners, LP v. Province of Buenos Aires (S.D.N.Y. 2022). In 2018, Palladian obtained a German judgment against the Province of Buenos Aires, which had defaulted on euro-denominated bonds following the 2001 financial crisis. Now it seeks recognition and enforcement of the German judgment in the Southern District of […]

  • Türkiye Halk Bankasi v. United States: Supreme Court Grants Cert.

    The Supreme Court will review the Second Circuit’s decision in Türkiye Halk Bankasi, A.Ş v. United States, a decision rejecting the argument that the United States cannot criminally prosecute a foreign company owned by a foreign sovereign. Paul Stephan has an excellent post about the case at the Transnational Litigation Blog. I don’t want to […]

  • Case of the Day: Von Pezold v. Zimbabwe

    The case of the day is Von Pezold v. Republic of Zimbabwe (D.D.C. 2022). Elisabeth von Pezold and members of her family, and Border Timbers Ltd. and Hangani Development Co., both had ICSID awards against Zimbabwe. They brought an action to confirm the awards in Washington. They served process on Zimbabwe by sending the papers […]

  • Case of the Day: Chiejina v. Nigeria

    The case of the day is Chiejina v. Nigeria (D.D.C. 2022). I’m counsel to the petitioners, Peter Chiejina and PICCOL Nigeria Ltd. PICCOL, a Nigerian engineering firm, had a contract with the Nigerian government for the construction of gully erosion control structures in Imo State. The contract contained the following agreement to arbitrate: Any dispute, […]