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  • Case of the Day: Commonwealth v. Carter

    Today’s case of the day, Commonwealth v. Carter, is off-topic, but it was tried right here in Massachusetts, and I think you’ll find it interesting and maybe horrifying. This case will be taught in law schools for many years to come. Michelle Carter, a minor at the time of the crime, was indicted as a […]

  • Comments on the Chimpanzee Habeas Case

    The case of the day is Nonhuman Rights Project, Inc. ex rel. Tommy v. Lavery (N.Y. App. Div. 2017). This is the second in my occasional series of posts on animal rights law: in November 2015 I wrote about the Monkey Selfie case. The claim was that Tommy, a chimpanzee, has been kept in captivity […]

  • Everybody Loves a Parade

    A little off-topic photography from a parade I happened to see by chance when walking downtown. Here are some minutemen firing off their muskets to the delight of tourists on the Freedom Trail: I love you, #Boston! @universalhub pic.twitter.com/dlxYCAi26K — Ted Folkman (@tedfolkman) June 5, 2017

  • Advising on Choice of Law and Choice of Forum

    My firm, Murphy & King, has put together short videos featuring some of our lawyers. My video, which has been given a somewhat highfalutin but also nondescriptive title, is about the wisdom of agreeing on choice of law and choice of forum—something many small- and mid-sized companies—and sometimes big companies!—fail to do when contracting. Check […]

  • Blog of the Day: Asia in U.S. Courts

    Readers, I’d like to introduce you to an interesting blog, Asia in U.S. Courts, written by Nathan Park. Nathan is of counsel to Kobre & Kim in Washington. Here is Nathan’s description of the blog: Asia in U.S. Courts is a blog for chronicling the judicial phenomenon of increasing importance: parties from Asia, litigating in […]