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Posted on October 19, 2018

Some personal news to report: I have been elected a member of the American Law Institute. For foreign readers, the ALI is “the leading independent organization in the United States producing scholarly work to clarify, modernize, and otherwise improve the law.” It drafts and promulgates the Restatements of the Law and uniform codes such as the Model Penal Code and (with the National Conference of Commissioners on Uniform State Laws) the Uniform Commercial Code. So very happy news! I have three reactions: feel free to mix and match as you choose. My official reaction I am grateful for the honor and for the confidence the ALI has shown in me. I will do my best to contribute to the work of the Institute, and…

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Warning: Construction Zone!

Posted on September 25, 2017

Readers, you no doubt have noticed that Letters Blogatory looks different today. I like the way it looked before, but the “theme” I was using is several years old, and for various reasons that won’t be visible to you, it made sense for me to switch to a more modern theme. I’m still fiddling with how the site should look, and because of my, ahem, very small staff of web designers and programmers, I have to do the fiddling on the website itself instead of on a test site that larger operations might use for this purpose. So you will likely see things changing for the next while, and maybe things breaking. Please bear with me, and if you notice anything broken, please let…

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