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  • Letters Blogatory is Turning Ten!

    Letters Blogatory is Turning Ten!

    A week from today, Letters Blogatory celebrates its tenth birthday! I confess the anniversary snuck up on me. Ten years and thousands of posts later, I look back and realize just how important writing this blog has been to me, professionally and personally. On the personal side, it’s provided me an outlet to write every […]

  • The ALI

    Some personal news to report: I have been elected a member of the American Law Institute. For foreign readers, the ALI is “the leading independent organization in the United States producing scholarly work to clarify, modernize, and otherwise improve the law.” It drafts and promulgates the Restatements of the Law and uniform codes such as […]

  • A Note for Subscribers

    Readers, you may have noticed a few changes on the Letters Blogatory website recently. For example, you now need to check a box before submitting a comment indicating your consent to my storage of the personal information that comes along with your comment.

  • Warning: Construction Zone!

    Readers, you no doubt have noticed that Letters Blogatory looks different today. I like the way it looked before, but the “theme” I was using is several years old, and for various reasons that won’t be visible to you, it made sense for me to switch to a more modern theme. I’m still fiddling with […]

  • Letters Blogatory is Now Available on Facebook

    Readers, as many of you know, there are lots of ways to have Letters Blogatory delivered to you. The main one, of course, is just to visit the website. But I also have an RSS feed, and email subscription service, and links to nearly all posts on LinkIn and Twitter. As of now, I’m also […]