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This Is Not A Drill!

Great Seal
Don’t Panic!

First, to those of you abroad who are friends to America. Don’t worry! We are a strange country filled with strange characters. But our wise founding fathers bequeathed us political institutions that have proved surprisingly strong for more than two centuries. For now, thank goodness, it seems highly unlikely that Mr. Trump could win a majority in the electoral college, and if the worst happens, we have institutions designed to check a wayward executive, and with the strength, under the Constitution, to do it if necessary. True, Republicans in government and in public life will have to find the courage to stand up to the candidate who, apparently, is the choice of the majority of the members of their party. But I am hopeful that many will, in the end, be on the right side of this.
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What’s Going On At HLS?

I have been following the news from Harvard Law School, my law school, with concern. What is going on at HLS? I want to note two items that were worrying to me and maybe to you.

The first is the anti-Semitic remarks that, according to a published report, an “HLS student, who is the president of a student organization on campus,” made to Tzipi Livni, a member of the Knesset and former foreign minister of Israel, while she was taking questions at a program run by Harvard’s excellent Program on Negotiation:

At the Q&A section of an event last Thursday, an HLS student asked Jewish, Israeli dignitary Tzipi Livni: “How is it that you are so smelly? … A question about the odor of Ms. Tzipi Livni, she’s very smelly, and I was just wondering.”

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