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Blog of the Day: Asia in U.S. Courts

Readers, I’d like to introduce you to an interesting blog, Asia in U.S. Courts, written by Nathan Park. Nathan is of counsel to Kobre & Kim in Washington. Here is Nathan’s description of the blog:

Asia in U.S. Courts is a blog for chronicling the judicial phenomenon of increasing importance: parties from Asia, litigating in the United States. The goal of the blog is to have a closer look at how foreign parties from Asia come to find themselves in the U.S. courts, how they utilize the U.S. judicial system, and how they fare as plaintiffs, defendants, or third parties.

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Martha Minow To Step Down As Dean

Martha Minow
Martha Minow. Credit: Harvard Law Record

I remember the very first hour of my very first day of law school. I was sitting in the back rows of one of the large amphitheaters in Austin Hall, waiting nervously with my new classmates for Professor Kingsfield to arrive. Well, not really. We knew that our civil procedure professor was going to be Martha Minow, but that didn’t mean anything to me or, I think, to most of my classmates. Maybe she was a Kingsfield.
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Lawyer Advertising Around The World

Who needs a hobby, like tennis, or philately? (Bouns points for anyone who can name that song). As I mentioned earlier this year, I have a hobby when traveling: I like to photograph lawyer advertisements. The best place to do this, in my experience, is Florida. See my prior post for an example, and here is another example sent to me by an eagle-eyed photographer recently:
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