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Case of the Day: Moore v. Toyota

Posted on November 29, 2017

The case of the day is Moore v. Toyota Motor Corp. (E.D. La. 2017). It’s a simple case, but judge Sarah Vance gets everything right. The plaintiff, Robert Moore, alleged that his Toyota Corolla had a defective airbag, and that he was injured by the airbag when he was involved in an accident in 2016. He first sued in the Louisiana state court, naming several defendants. The defendants who had been served with process removed the case to the District Court. At that time, Toyota Motor Corp. had not yet been served. After the removal, Moore’s counsel sought to serve process on Toyota in Japan by mail. Toyota moved to dismiss for insufficient service of process.

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Case of the Day: Bulmer v. Nissan Motor Co.

Posted on May 30, 2017

The case of the day is Bulmer v. Nissan Motor Co., 2017 SKCA 19 (Sask. Ct. App. 2017). Friend of the Blog Alejandro Manevich brought it to my attention. Darin Bulmer brought a purported class action against Nissan Motor Co., Ltd., the Japanese automaker, in the Court of Queen’s Bench in Regina, Saskatchewan. He served process on Nissan “by way of having a commercial courier deliver a copy of the statement of claim in Japan.” He then sought appointment of a judge to manage the class action. The trial court denied the motion because Nissan had not been properly served. Bulmer appealed.

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