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Belfast Project: Ivor Bell Acquitted

Posted on October 21, 2019

Ivor Bell, who was accused of soliciting the murder of Jean McConville, was acquitted last week in a Northern Ireland court after the judge directed a verdict in his favor. The charges against Bell had resulted from his taped confession, given to researchers at the Belfast Project, an oral history project about the Troubles that I’ve written about extensively over the years. The tapes were the subject of years of litigation after the Northern Ireland authorities requested legal assistance from the US government to obtain them from Boston College under the US/UK mutual legal assistance treaty. After the challenges to the subpoenas were finally, and in my view correctly, rejected and the tapes were produced, there were further challenges in the Northern Ireland courts…

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Belfast Project: UK Supreme Court to Hear McIntyre’s Appeal

Posted on June 25, 2019

The UK Supreme Court has agreed to hear the appeal of Anthony McIntyre, the former IRA member and principal researcher for the Belfast Project, the oral history project gone wrong that I covered extensively over several years. I’m not going to review the history of the case here. I’ll just say that after the UK authorities made a request for tapes that, one speculates, include McIntyre’s confessions of participation in crimes during the Troubles, and after the United States obtained and produced the tapes, McIntyre sought relief in the UK courts. So far he has been unsuccessful, although the courts have so far kept the tapes under seal until appeals are exhausted.

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Belfast Project: High Court Rejects McIntyre’s Motion for an Injunction

Posted on October 25, 2018

The High Court in Northern Ireland has denied Anthony McIntyre’s motion for an injunction regarding the use of his Belfast Project interview. The Belfast Project case was the first case to which I devoted extended attention at Letters Blogatory. It’s been a while, so let me set the scene a bit. The First Case Ed Moloney was the director of the Belfast Project, an oral history project at Boston College that aimed to collect oral histories from participants in “the Troubles,” the conflict between Catholics and Protestants, loyalists and republicans, in Northern Ireland in the second half of the twentieth century. One of his researchers was Anthony McIntyre, himself a former member of the IRA who served time for murder in a British prison.…

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