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Boal v. United States: The Bergdahl Case, Serial, and the Belfast Project

Bowe Bergdahl

Season 2 of the excellent podcast, Serial, featured the story of Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl, the American soldier who walked away from his post in Afghanistan, was captured and held for about five years by the Taliban before being released in a prisoner exchange. He is to be tried by a general court martial on charges of desertion and misbehavior before the enemy. For a good explanation of the case from military law experts, you may want to read CAAFLog’s coverage, and in particular, a recent article explaining some of the behind-the-scenes aspects of the Army’s charging decision.
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Belfast Project: Ivor Bell To Stand Trial

Boston College St. Ignatius Gate

The Guardian reports that Ivor Bell is to stand trial in the Jean McConville murder case. According to the report:

The case against the former IRA commander centres on alleged testimony he is accused of giving to the Belfast Project, an archive of IRA and Ulster loyalist paramilitaries over their role in the armed conflict between 1969 to the ceasefires of the early 1990s. The recorded testimonies of the former militants were for Boston College in the US and were not meant to have been released into the public domain until individual ex-IRA and loyalist activists had died.

* * *

It is alleged that Bell is the man referred to as “Z” on the Boston College tapes, who allegedly spoke about the circumstances surrounding McConville’s disappearance and murder. Her body was only discovered in 2003 by a man walking his dog on a beach in Co Louth just across the border in the Irish Republic. Bell’s defence team have argued that the man known as Z is not their client.

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Belfast Project: A New Subpoena To Boston College

Update: According to the BBC, McIntyre means to bring an action in the High Court in Belfast to try to stop the latest subpoena.

The US government, acting pursuant to the US/UK mutual legal assistance treaty, has apparently obtained an order from the District Court in Boston for issuance of a subpoena to Boston College in the Belfast Project case. We can glean from the new subpoena that the UK authorities are investigating charges including attempted murder, illegal possession of explosives, conspiracy, illegal possession of an imitation firearm, and membership in a proscribed organization. On their behalf, the US government is seeking the recordings of interviews of Anthony McIntyre (that is, interviews in which he is the person interviewed, not interviews in which he was the interviewer).
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