• Sarah Westwood on Chevron Lobbying

    Reporter Sarah Westwood of the Washington Examiner has written an article taking a look at Chevron’s lobbying at the State Department in connection with the Lago Agrio case, which was the topic of my FOIA case against the Department.

  • My State Deparment FOIA Case Comes To An End

    Readers, my FOIA case against the State Department has reached its conclusion. The Department has finished producing what it has to produce and has provided a log showing what it has refused to produce and why. Once could challenge its refusals on various grounds, but I think that by and large I did what I……

  • Letters Blogatory Mentioned In Rolling Stone

    Alexander Zaitchik has published an article on the Chevron case in Rolling Stone. Actually, the article doesn’t mention Letters Blogatory, but it does reference a FOIA document I have written about here.

  • FOIA: The Anticlimax

    The State Department has now produced all of the documents responsive to my second FOIA request. I submitted the request on April 25 of this year, and so the process, from start to finish, took just over three months. Compared to the nearly three years I have been waiting for the response to my first……

  • FOIA: Next Moves

    Having been unable to get the State Department to tell me whether it is willing to give me copies of the correspondence between it and Chevron concerning whether some of the public records I requested in my first FOIA request should be withheld on confidentiality grounds, I have now filed a motion asking the judge……