About Ted Folkman & Letters Blogatory

Ted Folkman

I’m Ted Folkman. I’ve been practicing law in Boston for more than twenty years. You can read my business biography at the Rubin and Rudman website.

I first got interested in international judicial assistance in around 2010, when I handled a few service matters and my first Section 1782 cases. Since then, been lucky enough to get to spend lot of my working time helping litigants to take evidence across borders, bring claims against foreign sovereigns, and in general, handling cross-border disputes.

I’ve been writing Letters Blogatory since 2011. The blog has led to lots of good things professionally and personally, friendships around the world, and many opportunities to evangelize about international judicial assistance.

Letters Blogatory is, as far as I know, the first blog focusing specifically on international judicial assistance. It covers service, evidence taking, judgment and award recognition, foreign sovereign immunity, and anything else that’s interesting to me. The frequency of posts has decreased over the years, but I still typically write about “cases of the day.”

As long-time readers know, I have a lot of interests outside of the law. I am interested in politics, music, the space program, and some dorky topics in philosophy. I devote a lot of time outside of work to groups including the Boston Bar Association, the American Law Institute, and the American Jewish Committee.

My family and I live in the Roslindale neighborhood of Boston.