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Belfast Project: A New Subpoena To Boston College

Update: According to the BBC, McIntyre means to bring an action in the High Court in Belfast to try to stop the latest subpoena.

The US government, acting pursuant to the US/UK mutual legal assistance treaty, has apparently obtained an order from the District Court in Boston for issuance of a subpoena to Boston College in the Belfast Project case. We can glean from the new subpoena that the UK authorities are investigating charges including attempted murder, illegal possession of explosives, conspiracy, illegal possession of an imitation firearm, and membership in a proscribed organization. On their behalf, the US government is seeking the recordings of interviews of Anthony McIntyre (that is, interviews in which he is the person interviewed, not interviews in which he was the interviewer).
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Case of the Day: In re Petrobras

The case of the day is In re Petrobras Securities Litigation (S.D.N.Y. 2016). The action involves investors’ claims of losses due to a bribery and kickback scandal involving Petrobras, a Brazilian oil company. The plaintiffs sought approval from the court to serve a subpoena on Mauro Gentile Rodrigues da Cunha, a former Petrobras independent director. Mr. da Cunha was apparently in Brazil. However, he was born in Philadelphia and was therefore a United States national unless someone could prove by a preponderance that he had lost his US citizenship, and no one tried.
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Case of the Day: Genger v. Genger

The case of the day is Genger v. Genger (N.Y. Sup. Ct. 2015). There were two related actions involving Orly Genger and Sagi Genger. Presumably they had a family dispute of some sort, though the opinion doesn’t give details of the underlying dispute. In one of the actions (call it “Action 1”), Sagi Genger attempted to serve a subpoena on “his close friend and attoreny,” David Parnes, who lived in Israel, by mailing the subpoena to Parnes’s lawyer in Israel. The subpoena called for Genger to testify in New York on April 16, 2015. Genger appeared on that date to testify, and while he was in New York, Orly Genger served him with a subpoena seeking his testimony in the second action (“Action 2”). Sagi Genger moved to quash the subpoena on the grounds that Parnes, who had come to New York to testify in Action 1, was immune from service of process. The judge initially denied the motion, but Parnes then appealed and sought a stay pending the appeal.
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