Lawyer Advertising Around The World

Who needs a hobby, like tennis, or philately? (Bouns points for anyone who can name that song). As I mentioned earlier this year, I have a hobby when traveling: I like to photograph lawyer advertisements. The best place to do this, in my experience, is Florida. See my prior post for an example, and here is another example sent to me by an eagle-eyed photographer recently:

Bench with lawyer ad

“Lawyer up” indeed!

I’ve been traveling in the Balkans for a week or so, and I’ve collected some examples from that part of the world, where things are more sedate. Here are a few from Montenegro:

lawyer advertisement lawyer advertisement lawyer advertisement

And here are a few from Sarajevo:

lawyer advertising lawyer advertising lawyer advertising

Here is the only one I saw in Croatia (Dubrovnik, to be precise):

lawyer advertising in Dubrovnik

It seems that my professional colleagues in Bosnia are just a little more adventuresome than those in Montenegro or Croatia. Some have put their mobile phone numbers on their plaques, and one, perhaps an American by the sound of his name, has put both “Advokat” and “Attorney” to help English-speakers in need of counsel while in the city (but perhaps not, if this website refers to the same gentleman). Perhaps the classiest of the three Bosnian plaques, though, is the one with a simple name, but in silver rather than brass.

ABA Top 100 Blawgs 2016

While I am writing about lawyer advertising, let me do a very brief bit of advertising of my own and say a big thank you to readers for your support since 2011. The ABA has named Letters Blogatory to the 2016 ABA Blawg 100 for a third consecutive year (and four years of the last five). I couldn’t do it without you!

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  1. Congratulations on the Top 100 listing. Well-warranted, that.

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