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  • Interesting Issue of the Day: Recognition of Remote Civil Marriages In Israel

    The Forward and friend of Letters Blogatory Eugene Volokh have both written about an interesting case before the Israeli Supreme Court. In Israel, which kept the old Ottoman laws on personal status after independence, all marriages must be contracted in a religious ceremony; there is no civil marriage. This law makes it impossible for some […]

  • Case of the Day: Appel v. Hayut

    The case of the day is Appel v. Hayut (SDNY 2020). The plaintiff, Ronit Appel, served process on David Kazhdan, a defendant in Israel, by hiring Rimon Deliveries and Services, apparently an Israeli delivery company, which then mailed the documents to Kazhdan through the Israeli post. Just so that this is clear, the documents were […]

  • Everything About The Tlaib/Omar Story Is Terrible

    Everything about the story of Representatives Omar and Tlaib’s aborted visit to Israel is terrible. No one in the whole affair has acted well. And the political motive for the whole fiasco—Donald Trump’s attempt to drive American Jews into the arms of the Republican Party—is so venal, so transparent, and, I hope, so doomed to […]

  • Case of the Day: Doğan v. Barak

    Case of the Day: Doğan v. Barak

    The case of the day is Doğan v. Barak (9th Cir. 2019). I wrote about the district court decision in 2016, and I have also written about another case in the “Gaza flotilla lawfare” genre, Schermerhorn v. Israel, three times (when it was filed, at the district court, and in the DC Circuit). Ahmet and […]

  • Israeli Supreme Court Overrules Government In Alqasem Case

    The Israeli Supreme Court has overturned the government’s decision to refuse permission to enter the country to Lara Alqasem, a Palestinian American and a former advocate for the BDS movement. Alqasem had traveled to Israel on a student visa to begin studies at Hebrew University, and she said she no longer supported BDS. She was […]