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The Israel Apartheid Report: Give Me A Break

Richard Falk
Richard Falk. Credit: Wikipedia.

When I was in college, a few friends and I took Richard Falk’s course on international relations. We were just undergraduates, and while we were majoring in politics, we were not concentrating in international relations, but rather in political theory. So we wanted what the course catalogue promised: an introduction to the field of international relations. What are the main theories? What is the history of the field? What are the cutting edge-issues today?
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Case of the Day: Schermerhorn v. Israel

The Mavi Mamara
The Mavi Mamara, another ship in the flotilla. Credit: Free Gaza movement

The case of the day is Schermerhorn v. State of Israel (D.D.C. 2017). We first took a look in January 2016, and I’ve written about another case in the “Gaza flotilla lawfare” genre, Doğan v. Barak, too. David Schermerhorn were passengers on the Challenger I, a US-flagged vessel that took part in the 2010 attempt to break the Israeli naval blockade of Gaza. After the IDF stopped the ship, Schermerhorn and the others sued Israel in Washington for physical and emotional injuries, on theories of war crimes, false imprisonment, assault and battery, intentional infliction of emotional distress, and conversion. Israel moved to dismiss on grounds of foreign sovereign immunity.
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