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  • Sheriffs’ Tomfoolery

    The New Yorker had an interesting article last week on the so-called “constitutional sheriffs” movement. The article focused on the Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association, which claims about five thousand members, including Nick Finch, the sheriff of Liberty County, Florida: C.S.P.O.A. members believe that the sheriff has the final say on a law’s constitutionality […]

  • The Presumption of Paternity Lives!

    Lawyers who love Shakespeare read him differently than other readers. We are always on the lookout for the legal nuggets. There is a small genre of “Shakespeare the lawyer” or “Shakespeare and the law” stuff out there. Some books collect the legal nuggets, sometimes with commentary. Others wonder whether Shakespeare himself was a lawyer. A […]

  • Thanksgiving Day 2017

    Thanksgiving Day 2017

    This has been a difficult year for reasons I won’t rehearse today, but there’s still a lot to be thankful for. This year, most of it is local rather than national. I’m thankful for family, the blessings of my wife and children; I’m thankful for friends old and new; for good health; for colleagues and […]

  • Panel Discussion: International Issues in Litigation and Arbitration

    Readers, if you are in Boston this Thursday, October 19, please stop by the Massachusetts Bar Association for a panel discussion titled International Issues in Litigation and Arbitration. The panelists are Tom Ayres of Foley Hoag, Jonathan Fitch of Fitch Law Partners, and yours truly. Jared Hubbard of Hubb Legal is chairing the event. It’ll […]

  • Conference Announcement: Law’s Porosities

    Readers, if you’re in Washington on October 26, I hope you’ll come to a conference called Law’s Porosities/Porosités du droit, which is being jointly presented by the Société de législation comparée and the American Society of Comparative Law. Here is the blurb: This conference intends to illuminate areas of the law in which seepage occurs […]