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  • Canada Accedes to the Apostille Convention

    Canada has acceded to the Apostille Convention. The Convention will come into effect for Canada in January 2024. This is actually pretty big news, given the volume of US/Canada cross-border business, the number of families with roots on both sides of the border, and the generally close and friendly ties between the two countries. The […]

  • Case of the Day: Fleites v. Mindgeek

    The case of the day is Fleites v. Mindgeek SARL (C.D. Cal. 2022). The plaintiff, a victim of child sex abuse, accused the defendants of soliciting and monetizing her “child sexual abuse material.” The decision isn’t clear on this, but I assume this means that the defendants somehow sold images or videos of the abuse. […]

  • Case of the Day: NEP Canada v. MEC OP Transaction I

    The case of the day is NEP Canada ULC v. MEC OP Transaction I ULC (Ohio Comm. Pl. 2022). With a name like this, you know a lot of money is at stake. MEC sold shares in one of its subsidiaries to NEP for $175 million. As part of the deal, NEP continued to employ […]

  • Case of the Day: Lathigee v. BC Securities Commission

    The case of the day is Lathigee v. British Columbia Securities Commission (Nev. 2020). The British Columbia securities regulator brought an administrative proceeding in British Columbia for securities fraud against Michael Lathigee. The proceeding resulted in a judgment that he had raised millions of dollars from investors without making necessary disclosures. The regulator ordered disgorgement […]

  • Case of the Day: Narbut v. Manulife

    The case of the day is Narbut v. Manulife Financial Corp. (D. Mass. 2020). Paula Narbut alleged that she slipped and fell on a wet floor in the lobby of a building owned by Manulife, a Canadian company. She sued for negligence. Narbut made a request to the Canadian central authority to serve process on […]