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  • Canada Accedes to the Apostille Convention

    Canada has acceded to the Apostille Convention. The Convention will come into effect for Canada in January 2024. This is actually pretty big news, given the volume of US/Canada cross-border business, the number of families with roots on both sides of the border, and the generally close and friendly ties between the two countries. The […]

  • HCCH Publishes New Apostille Handbook

    The Permanent Bureau of The Hague Conference on Private International Law has published a new edition of the Practical Handbook on the Operation of the Apostille Convention. The Handbook provides a handy history of the Apostille Convention and of apostilles and legalization, explaining why we have the Convention and what an apostille is and is […]

  • Strange Apostille Case of the Day: In re Kamalnathan

    The case of the day is In re Kamalnathan (Cal. App. 2022). The case was a divorce case. The wife argued that certain properties in India were community property, and she offered some deeds to support her claim. The husband argued that the deeds should be excluded because the wife had not shown they were […]

  • Apostille Convention: Hague Conference Considers Authentication of Intergovernmental and Supranational Organization Documents

    A working group is meeting next month in the Hague to consider the authentication of documents issued by intergovernmental or supranational organizations. One of the preliminary documents published by the Hague Conference in advance of the meeting provides several methods by which such documents can be authenticated:

  • Case of the Day: Estate of Aquino

    The case of the day is Estate of Aquino (Mount Vernon N.Y. City Ct. 2017). Aquino married in New York in 1986 and died in 2011, survived by a wife and seven children. In 2012, the wife petitioned the court for letters of administration allowing her to administer his estate, which the court granted. The […]