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  • Case of the Day: Holmes v. Grant County Sheriff’s Department

    The case of the day is Holmes v. Grant County Sheriff’s Department (D.N.M. 2018). The plaintiff was Denise-Bradford:Holmes. When you see someone write his or her name this way, with the odd punctuation, watch out—odds are the person is part of the so-called “sovereign citizen” movement, a group of  confused people with outlandish legal ideas […]

  • Authenticating Digital Evidence

    While reading the paper on Sunday I noticed an interesting ad. A company called Surety, LLC had published two base64-encoded  values. What is this? Is it the modern version of a coded “personals” ad from an Alan Furst novel, where it’s some spy’s job to read the ads every day and then to spring into […]

  • Match of the Day: Parkway Defeats Eastie, Takes the Mayor’s Cup

    Match of the Day: Parkway Defeats Eastie, Takes the Mayor’s Cup

    I’d like to devote today’s post to the best match of the weekend. I’m referring of course to the Mayor’s Cup U12 girl’s softball tournament! (Sorry, England fans!) The neighborhood leagues in Boston each put together a team, and girls who were opponents during the regular season team up to take on cross-town rivals in […]

  • Ingrid Wuerth on The Supreme Court’s Original Jursidiction in FSIA Cases

    Friend of Letters Blogatory Ingrid Wuerth has a post at Lawfare asking whether the Supreme Court might exercise its original jurisdiction in a case brought by a US state against Russia on account of election meddling. For non-American readers: the Supreme Court typically takes cases by writ of certiorari to the federal courts of appeals […]

  • Sheriffs’ Tomfoolery

    The New Yorker had an interesting article last week on the so-called “constitutional sheriffs” movement. The article focused on the Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association, which claims about five thousand members, including Nick Finch, the sheriff of Liberty County, Florida: C.S.P.O.A. members believe that the sheriff has the final say on a law’s constitutionality […]