• Lago Agrio: More Details On Lobbying and Trade Pressure

    The wheels of the FOIA office at the State Department turn slowly, but they do turn. I recently received the latest batch of documents, these from the Office of the Legal Adviser. These new documents, which relate to my Freedom of Information Act case against the State Department seeking information about lobbying relating to the […]

  • Requests for FOIA Docs

    I’ve received a request for a set of the public records I’ve received from the State Department. These are, of course, public records, and so I don’t have any objection in principle to sharing them with anyone who asks. I may, though, ask you what use you plan to make of them, particularly if you […]

  • Lago Agrio: More Details On Chevron’s Lobbying of the State Department

    Chevron has lobbied the State Department with regard to the Lago Agrio dispute on several occasions. The contacts between the company and the Department have been more extensive, and at a much higher level on both sides, than I previously was able to report. In my last post on the issue, I reviewed the evidence […]

  • FOIA: Crowdsourcing Needed

    I’ve received a new batch of FOIA documents from the State Department. I’m working on a post and I hope to have it up soon. I need help, though, with one of the documents, which is handwritten and difficult to read. Please click on the link and let me know what you think it means. […]

  • FOIA Update

    I’m sorry, everyone, I haven’t had time to cover Judge Zambrano’s recent testimony yet. However, I did want to update you on two additional FOIA documents I’ve received. The first is the State Department’s response to Bill Irwin’s email following the meeting I’ve written about before. I think people on the LAPs’ side, fairly or […]