Sarah Westwood on Chevron Lobbying

Reporter Sarah Westwood of the Washington Examiner has written an article taking a look at Chevron’s lobbying at the State Department in connection with the Lago Agrio case, which was the topic of my FOIA case against the Department.

I found the politics of the article interesting. In my opinion it would be wrong to give my FOIA posts a political slant, but I know that some have read them as a critique of Chevron, so let’s say that if my posts on this had a political slant, it’d be a slant to the left. Westwood’s article isn’t so much focused on Chevron’s efforts at the State Department as it is on Chevron’s efforts at the State Department, because at most of the relevant times Hillary Clinton was the Secretary of State, and the thrust of the article is that Secretary Clinton had an unseemly relationship with Chevron and other big companies that were donors to the Clinton Foundation. It’s fair to say that Westwood’s article has a pretty clear rightward slant, which is fair enough given that she’s writing for the Washington Examiner. No one should read her article, however, and associate her criticism of Secretary Clinton with anything they’ve read on Letters Blogatory.

Incidentally, I am described in the article as an “international business lawyer,” which is an odd phrase that starts to sound a little too much like “international man of mystery.” I described myself to Westwood as a business litigator who handled some cross-border matters, but I think that was too long to print.

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