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  • L’état, c’est Trump?

    L’état, c’est Trump?

    Louis XIV, the Sun King, led France in an age of diplomatic and military triumphs and state centralization. In a simpler age, he ruled personally, without a prime minister, and he mastered the French aristocracy. He is said to have declared, “L’état, c’est moi,” which would have been a ridiculous thing to say, except that […]

  • Reflection on the UK Election

    There are many things to say about the UK election last week, and so far commentators have said many of the smart and insightful things and some of the out-of-left-field things. I want to comment on some key differences between the personalities in the UK’s 2019 election and in the upcoming US 2020 election. This […]

  • Advice for the Representatives Considering Impeachment

    Advice for the Representatives Considering Impeachment

    The disconnect between the questioning of the Representatives in the Democratic majority and the Representatives in the Republican minority at yesterday’s impeachment hearings was stark. I do wish that the Republicans could take the long view and try to act in such a way that they will be accorded respect by students of history a […]

  • Looking Ahead

    Looking Ahead

    In the summer of 2016 I applied for and was offered a very cool low-level job at the Department of Justice. I’ve never written publicly about this before. I won’t say any more about what the job was, which office, and so forth, except to say it was a career appointment, not a political appointment, […]

  • Thoughts On Impeachment

    I called for Donald Trump’s impeachment and removal from office more than a year ago and I haven’t written many political posts since then. Once you’ve said the President should be impeached, there’s not much room left! But last week’s news seems so consequential that I think another post is in order. I am not […]