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  • Editorial: Trump’s Dangerous Speech

    If you have not read Donald Trump’s speech from yesterday, you should. It’s the kind of speech that made the grandparents of us American Jews keep packed suitcases in the closet. It turns out the reason Mr. Trump is on the verge of an historic defeat is the international financiers and media elite who meet […]

  • This Is Not A Drill!

    First, to those of you abroad who are friends to America. Don’t worry! We are a strange country filled with strange characters. But our wise founding fathers bequeathed us political institutions that have proved surprisingly strong for more than two centuries. For now, thank goodness, it seems highly unlikely that Mr. Trump could win a […]

  • See Something, Say Something: Letters Blogatory On Trump

    Readers abroad, you may not have heard the phrase, “If you see something, say something.” It’s something we here in the U.S. see all the time in public places and on trains and at airports. The idea is that if you see an unattended package on a seat in your train car, let the conductor […]