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  • A Poem, by Donald Trump

    A Poem, by Donald Trump

    If you began your childhood on third base, Like me, and never had to work to bring wealth in, And watched the fools and suckers take your place, While you stayed home and lived a life of sin, My friend, you’d know you’re better than the rest, Plebeians whose folks wait at home with worry……

  • Scenes from America

    Here’s a small slice of life from America in late August 2020.

  • Some Background On The Law Of Presidential Elections

    I thought my non-American readers might appreciate a (decidedly non-expert) brief outline of US law on presidential elections, in light of President Trump’s unprecedented suggestion that he might seek to delay the US presidential election—an idea so outlandish that when the presumptive Democratic nominee, Joseph Biden, suggested Trump might try it, provoked outraged claims of……

  • Some Political Thoughts

    Some Political Thoughts

    It’s time for a political post, so if you are one of the Letters Blogatory readers who likes coverage of cases of the day but has sent me very polite and reasonable emails asking for less politics, avert your eyes. Read on for two political ideas that are on my mind.

  • Of Course I Would Vote For Bernie Sanders

    Of Course I Would Vote For Bernie Sanders

    Apologies to those readers who prefer reports about the latest 1782 cases and Hague Service Convention news, but as you can imagine if you read the news, politics is becoming all-consuming here and it’ll stay that way at least through early March. The convention wisdom has it that Sen. Bernie Sanders is now the Democratic……