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Changzhou SinoType v. Rockefeller: More Developments

Posted on September 29, 2020

Readers, there were two new developments in the Changzhou SinoType case yesterday. First, the Chinese government sent a letter to the Department of Justice expressing its objections to the California court’s decision permitting service by postal channels in China in a case where the Hague Service Convention applied. The letter was dated Sunday. I’d like to give a special shout-out to Rick Simpson of Wiley, who was counsel to the amici curiae and who was willing to handle the mechanics of getting my supplemental brief to the Supreme Court yesterday; I was out of commission for Yom Kippur. Thanks, Rick!

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Lawyers For Biden Event Moderated By Chuck Kotuby: Check It Out!

Posted on September 25, 2020

Friend of Letters Blogatory Chuck Kotuby of Jones Day is moderating a great panel at a “Lawyers for Biden” event on October 1. Small world: I too am a “lawyer for Biden!” The panelists are Harold Hongju Koh, John B. Bellinger III, and David Carden. That’s quite a line-up! The topic is “A Virtual Conversation on U.S. Global Business & International Law.” Check it out—I will certainly be there. You can register at this link.

Anyone interested in international law, the international order, and America’s place in the world has a special interest in seeing Donald Trump defeated. Our credit with our allies is poor; our position in the world is weak; our hubris is on display; our disdain for the international cooperation that benefits us is palpable. Do what you can!

Changzhou SinoType v. Rockefeller: Amicus Update

Posted on September 24, 2020

A group of outstanding scholars filed an amicus brief in support of my petition for cert. in Changzhou SinoType v. Rockefeller Technology. The group includes (in alphabetical order) George Bermann (Columbia), Hannah Buxbaum (Indiana), John Coyle (UNC), Robin Effron (Brooklyn), Maggie Gardner (Cornell), David Stewart (Georgetown), and Louise Ellen Teitz (Roger Williams). Andrew Hessick, Richard Simpson, Joseph Gross, and Jared Hubbard were counsel to the amici.

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