Elephant Habeas: Next Stop, Colorado

An elephant holding a brush in its trunk and using it to paint paint an elephant

The Nonhuman Rights Project has taken its traveling show to Colorado, where it has filed a habeas corpus petition, supposedly on behalf of elephants kept by the Cheyenne Mountain Zoological Society. The petition is highly similar to the earlier petitions, so I won’t review it in any detail. What a great country! Instead of advocating for better treatment for elephants in zoos, or even advocating for a law forbidding zoos to keep elephants, you can travel around the country and force zoos and others to spend money to hire lawyers to fight your pet theory that elephants are persons. You can lose and lose and lose, and until you run out of states, you can just keep on keeping on. And who knows? It’s a big country, and I tend to think that at some point the NhRP will find a judge who agrees with them! You can read my prior coverage to get a sense of why I think all this is absurd.

Photo Credit: Deror Avi (CC BY-SA)

2 responses to “Elephant Habeas: Next Stop, Colorado”

  1. @tfolkman It isn't appreciably sillier than trees having standing to sue on their own behalf, and at least one actual Supreme Court justice has signed on to that concept. In a dissent, but still.https://scholar.google.com/scholar_case?case=15417249624067275504&q=sierra+club.v.+morton&hl=en&as_sdt=6,44

    1. I agree with you that it isn’t appreciably sillier, but giving trees standing is silly, too.

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