• Belfast Project: The Known Unknowns

    Something is going on in the Belfast Project case. But it’s difficult to say exactly what. As I noted a few days ago, Winston “Winkie” Rae has obtained an injunction in Belfast preventing the Northern Irish authorities from traveling to Boston to obtain a copy of his Belfast Project interview. Friend of Letters Blogatory Chris […]

  • Belfast Project: Belfast Court Enjoins the PSNI

    There is still some life in the Belfast Project case! The Belfast Telegraph reports that Winston “Winkie” Rae, a former Loyalist prisoner, has obtained an injunction preventing the PSNI from traveling to Boston to collect the taped recording of his Belfast Project interview. The story does not give any details about the legal arguments, so […]

  • Belfast Project: Report on the Hearing on NBC’s Request To Unseal Documents

    Yesterday, Judge Young heard arguments on NBC’s request to unseal the Belfast Project materials. Curiously, NBC did not appear at the hearing. It may be that it did not receive notice of the hearing. This is not surprising, since rather than entering an appearance through counsel and making a motion to lift the order of […]

  • Belfast Project: NBC and PSNI Make New Moves

    I’m saving up the remainder of my Hague coverage until Monday. Check back then! NBC News has submitted a request to Judge Young to unseal the tapes and transcripts that BC had submitted to him for inspection in camera. This has, as you MIT imagine, caused some unhappiness on team McIntyre/Moloney. There is an initial […]

  • More Belfast Project News: The PSNI Wants To Question Anthony McIntyre

    With apologies to readers who are interested in things other than the Belfast Project, and with a hat-tip to Chris Bray for the pointer, here is a second update in as many days. The Belfast Telegraph is reporting that the PSNI is seeking to question Anthony McIntyre, one of the lead Belfast Project researchers, in […]