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Case of the Day: Hudson Insurance Co. v. Klamath Superior Motor Co.

Posted on November 29, 2019

The case of the day is Hudson Insurance Co. v. Klamath Superior Motor Co. (D. Or. 2019). Hudson brought an interpleader action to resolve competing claims to a $40,000 motor vehicle dealer bond that it held. One of the claimants was Zachary Taylor, on active duty abroad with the Air Force. After the action was filed, Hudson emailed Hudson’s lawyer and stated that he was owed $6,000 and that he was interested in pursuing the matter, but that he was overseas and that regular communication would be difficult. He eventually stopped responding to emails. He was never served with process. The court ordered Taylor to file his claim within 90 days or else face dismissal of the claim. The magistrate judge recommended that the…

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Case of the Day: Global Discoveries v. Realtec

Posted on August 20, 2013

The case of the day is Global Discoveries, Ltd. v. Realtec, Ltd. (N.D. Cal. 2013). Global Discoveries was a Nevada limited liability company. It brought a statutory interpleader action against Realtec Ltd., a British Virgin Islands company, Zahra Gilak, whose nationality was not clear in the decision (perhaps she was Iranian) but who was formerly a resident of California and was, according to the plaintiff, “deported,” Hassan Iran Pouy, an Iranian national who had never lived in California, and the United States. The issue was which of the parties Global Discoveries sought to interplead had the right to proceeds from a tax sale that Global Discoveries was holding. The case presented two questions. First was a question of jurisdiction. Under the statute, the federal…

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