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  • Case of the Day: SEC v. Knox

    The case of the day is SEC v. Knox (D. Mass. 2022). The SEC brought a fraud case against Roger Knox. Knox had used entities allegedly owned by Michael Gastauer to launder the proceeds of the fraud. Michael had transferred some of the laundered money to his father, Raimund Gastauer, and to entities the SEC […]

  • Case of the Day: McCarthy v. Johnson

    The case of the day is McCarthy v. Johnson (D.D.C. 2022). The plaintiff had won a $6 million judgment against Michael Heath Johnson, who, she alleged, had bilked her out of millions of dollars in the 1980s, during a particularly vulnerable time for her. The District of Utah had entered judgment by default after Johnson […]

  • Case of the Day: Axtria v. OKS Group

    Case of the Day: Axtria v. OKS Group

    Letters Blogatory takes on a new issue: the misuse of Aerospatiale in Evidence Convention cases

  • HCCH Publishes Guide to Good Practice on the Use of Video Conferencing under the Evidence Convention

    The HCCH has just published its Guide to Good Practice on the use of video-conferencing technology in taking evidence under the Evidence Convention. Of course, the GGP wasn’t written from scratch on account of the COVID-19 pandemic, but its publication is certainly timely. One of things that seems to be happening during the crisis is […]

  • Royal Scandal of the Day: Can Prince Andrew Be Required To Testify?

    Back in 2015 I wrote about some unserious attempts by lawyers for an alleged victim of Jeffrey Epstein to get testimony or a statement from Prince Andrew. I commented on the haplessness of the strategy of sending requests to Buckingham Palace and the awesomeness of the letterhead of the alleged victims’ lawyers. Later, I commented […]