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  • Article Of The Day: Oklahoma and Beyond

    I read an interesting article on the somewhat hysterical statutes or constitutional amendments being enacted in Oklahoma and other US states purporting to bar the courts from making use of international law or Sharia law. The article, Martha F. Davis & Johanna Kalb, Oklahoma and Beyond: Understanding the Wave of State Anti-Transnational Law Initiatives, 87 […]

  • Solomon on Keeping The Wraps On Confidential Arbitral Awards

    Louis M. Solomon has an interesting post up about the problem with maintaining the confidentiality of an arbitral award when you want to ask a US court to confirm it (or to vacate it, for that matter). He points out, correctly I think, that it’s very difficult to persuade a court to seal an award. […]

  • What’s Going On In The First Circuit?

    I follow developments in the U.S. Court of Appeals for the First Circuit more closely than I follow any other circuit, because it’s based here in Boston, so in the latest Letters Blogatory frolic and detour post, I ask: what’s going on in the judges’ chambers? This week saw the second of two significant recent […]

  • A Shout-out to John Neiman

    A Shout-out to John Neiman

    I wanted to interrupt our regular coverage to give a shout-out to my law school classmate, John Neiman, the solicitor general of Alabama, who argued a case in the Supreme Court today. Way to go, John! That’s a great professional achievement.

  • SCOTUS Blog’s Symposium on the Constitutionality of the ACA

    I hope readers won’t mind if I take frolic and detour outside of the Letters Blogatory scope of coverage and provide a link to SCOTUSBlog’s interesting symposium on the constitutionality of the Affordable Care Act, and in particular the insurance mandate. It contains a highly interesting set of short pieces by scholars on the left […]