FOIA Update

I’m sorry, everyone, I haven’t had time to cover Judge Zambrano’s recent testimony yet. However, I did want to update you on two additional FOIA documents I’ve received. The first is the State Department’s response to Bill Irwin’s email following the meeting I’ve written about before. I think people on the LAPs’ side, fairly or unfairly, will be very interested in this: “I wish you the best on the final outcomes of the litigation.” A mere pleasantry, as I’d be inclined to think? Something more, as they may suggest?

The second is the attachment to Mr. Irwin’s email, which shows Chevron’s take on the structure of the consortium in Ecuador. Chevron is pointing out that Ecuador itself took the bulk of the profits, while Texaco took just a small slice. I have no idea if this is so.

I am told that the Department has located many more potentially responsive documents, though I don’t know whether they relate specifically to the Lago Agrio case. We’ll see!

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