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  • Case of the Day: AlixPartners v. Mori

    The case of the day is AlixPartners LLP v. Mori (Del. Ch. 2019). AlixPartners was a “global business advisory firm.” Giacomo Mori was its managing director in Milan. During his employment, Mori received equity interests in two Delaware entities, AlixPartners, LLP and AlixPartners Holdings, LLP. The equity awards were governed by agreements that had Delaware […]

  • Case of the Day: Germaninvestments AG v. Allomet Corp.

    The case of the day is Germaninvestments AG v. Allomet Corp. (Del. Ch. 2019). Allomet is a Delaware corporation in the business of manufacturing metal powders for coating industrial products. Fobio Enterprises, Ltd., a Hong Kong company, owned the majority of Allomet’s shares. In 2016, it became the sole owner by purchasing shares from the […]

  • Case of the Day: Avotiņš v. Latvia

    The case of the day is Avotiņš v. Latvia (ECHR 2016). Pēteris Avotiņš, an investment consultant residing in Latvia, had borrowed $100,000 from F.H. Ltd., a Cyprus company. FH sued in the Limassol (Cyprus) District Court, alleging that Avotiņš had failed to pay. The Cyprus court granted leave to serve the summons on Avotiņš outside […]

  • Fanny Cornette on Brussels I

    Letters Blogatory welcomes back IJA Brigade member Fanny Cornette, currently a researcher at TU Delft, with the second post in our two-part series on the new Brussels I regime. This is the second of two posts concerning the new Brussels I a regulation. It deals with the rules related to recognition and enforcement of judgments. […]

  • The Recast of the Brussels I Regulation: Old and New Features of the European Regime on Jurisdiction and the Recognition of Judgments

    Letters Blogatory warmly welcomes guest poster Pietro Franzina, Associate Professor at the University of Ferrara, with a post on the recast Brussels I. I think the European experience is likely to be of particular interest to American lawyers these days, with the current debates about the ratification and implementation of COCA and the renewed activity […]