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See Something, Say Something, 2021 Edition

Posted on May 30, 2021

I wrote my first “see something, say something” post in December 2015, warning of the incipient catastrophe of Donald Trump, who at that time was promoting registration of American Muslins and exclusion of non-Christian refugees. I wrote another one in July 2020 about the importation of beauty products from western China that our government suspected contained hair taken from Uighur people detained in camps. There are of course other occasions on which I could have written similar posts, perhaps most notably, in the last year or so, the George Floyd murder we all witnessed on video. But today I want to bring you a “see something, say something” post that I hope will worry you and cause you to think a little about where…

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At the Donziger Trial

Posted on May 12, 2021

I spent the day yesterday in an overflow room watching the criminal contempt trial of Steven Donziger. The day lacked the drama of Day 1 of the trial. No one was chanting in the street. I did not see Roger Waters or Susan Sarandon. There were no dramatic opening statements. Still, it was interesting to see the real world of the case up close, which is dramatically different from the Donziger Twitterverse. Here is my account.

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Lago Agrio: Last-Minute Developments Before the Contempt Trial

Posted on May 7, 2021

Steven Donziger’s contempt trial begins in New York on Monday. In the days leading up to the trial, there have been two new developments. First, the New York Court of Appeals has denied Donziger leave to appeal from the lower court’s judgment disbarring him. This is perhaps the end of the line for his career as a lawyer, although it may be that there are pathways to reinstatement after disbarment in New York—I am not sure. Second, Judge Preska has denied Donziger’s motion to dismiss the charges against him on grounds of vindictive and selective prosecution, his motion to recuse her as judge, and his motion to take discovery. So it seems that the trial will begin on Monday. Judge Preska’s order is a…

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