A new logo!

I was futzing around with DALL-E and generated a new logo for Letters Blogatory. According to DALL-E, “This design elegantly features the globe with the paper airplane and the balanced scales of justice, symbolizing efficient cross-border communication and legal processes.” What do you think?

A globe surrounded by the scales of justice, with a paper airplane flying across the face of the globe.

I also played around with my headshot from the “about” page. Here is the real me, and what DALL-E proposes. I think I will stick with the real me.

Ted Folkman
An AI-generated "improvement"

5 responses to “A new logo!”

  1. The real you is looking good Ted! Keep up the great work, I always look forward to reading your posts.

  2. Absolutely the ‘real’ you 👍
    The logo is excellent too
    Keep up the great work- always of interest and educational too
    Appreciate your updates

    1. Thanks Ian! Much appreciated.

  3. Judith Freedberg

    Always a joy to read what a “real mensch” has to say.

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