Hello to Rubin & Rudman!

If you have ever written a story, painted a painting, or started a business, you know how proud you are of a creation done well. That’s how I feel about Folkman LLC, the practice I started at the beginning of COVID in early 2020 and that has been my professional home for nearly three years. There is something very direct and gratifying about doing something creative all on your own and being successful at it. I am exceedingly proud of what I’ve done in the past few years.

But I hope I am not excessively proud. I hope that when a good opportunity to grow my practice comes along, I can take it without getting caught up in past success. So I’m delighted to say that, as of today, I am a partner of Rubin & Rudman LLP, a law firm here in Boston. I first got to know the firm several years ago, when I was involved in a large, cross-border dispute that involved spending a lot of time in Haiti. The firm’s managing partner, John McGivney, who is a terrific lawyer, was representing an insurer involved in the dispute, and we spent a good amount of time together in Port-au-Prince, in Texas, and elsewhere. Since then, I’ve gotten to know some of the other lawyers in person, and others by reputation. It’s a great firm with a great culture. I am really looking forward to getting started.

What will stay the same for me? I am going to continue to do what I do:

  • international judicial assistance, including Section 1782 cases and consulting with US lawyers who need to take discovery abroad
  • cross-border disputes, including foreign sovereign litigation, judgment recognition, and, more generally, cases with a cross-border component.
  • Boston-based civil and commercial litigation and arbitration of all kinds.
  • service as an arbitrator in commercial and consumer cases, including on the American Arbitration Association’s national lists of commercial and consumer arbitrators.

What will be new? I will be able to provide more kinds of advice and service to clients with non-litigation needs, and I’ll be able to take on larger disputes than in the past. And I’ll be able to work more closely with other lawyers, which is the thing I probably have missed the most.

For now, Letters Blogatory will remain where it is, at https://lettersblogatory.com/lettersblogatory, though I hope to be able to transition it back to lettersblogatory.com soon. the Letters Blogatory mailing list will keep arriving by email, and subscribers to my “Clients and Colleagues” newsletter will continue to receive it.

Making a professional move is a great time to renew connections with friends and colleagues, so don’t be surprised if you hear from me, and please do reach out!

2 responses to “Hello to Rubin & Rudman!”

  1. Jared Hubbard

    Congratulations Ted! All the best with the new firm in the new year!

  2. Ted Folkman.

    Thanks Jared! Much appreciated. I hope all is well with you

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