Let the Sunshine In

sunlight on the Lincoln Memorial

Today’s I am unshakably upbeat and optimistic. I do not mind being corny today. America pulled off what seemed for a time like an impossible task—it sent its own tinpot demagogue packing in a free and fair democratic election, and when the demagogue and his toadies tried to overturn the will of the people, Democrats and Republicans came together to preserve the constitutional order of our republic.

President Biden being sworn in

Yes, we have problems. No, not all Republicans did the right thing. Yes, we are facing the pandemic, an economic downturn, and years of work to repair our alliances and our standing in the world. No, Trump, his enablers in the House of Representatives and the Senate, and the media infrastructure that has trapped tens of millions of Americans in a cesspool of lies and sedition are not going away. Yes, we face trouble from the left as well as from the right. And yes, Trump unfortunately did represent an aspect of our national character we would rather not have to face but that has always been there and is still here today. But betting against America has never been a smart move. Today, senior executive posts were filled by people who actually know what they are doing. Today, the executive branch of our government is led by a moral, respectable, experienced man of good character who has the welfare of his fellow citizens at heart. Today, the press had a briefing from the new Press Secretary, who did not immediately begin her tenure spouting ridiculous lies. President Biden rejoined the World Health Organization and the Paris Climate Agreement. He lifted the Muslim travel ban and stopped funding for the wall on the Mexican border. We have elected a woman to national office for the first time. I could go on.

The President is not just the head of government but, in our system, the head of state, and so he embodies the nation. I am overjoyed that our nation is again represented by a good man who really does represent all of us, which has been true for my entire life, through good presidencies and bad ones, with the exception of the last four years.

America is back, and its government is working to restore the nation to health. It’s a good day!

One response to “Let the Sunshine In”

  1. Adults are running the government again.

    The sun is shining just a bit more brightly this morning.

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