The IBA Convention is being held virtually this month. The Convention is usually a chance to visit a terrific city and spend at least as much time meeting colleagues informally as you spend in the formal sessions. The IBA is trying to replicate some of that with virtual networking sessions, but I’m not sure if it’ll be the same. I am looking forward to a few sessions in particular: “Courts: allies or foes to arbitration? Court proceedings in support of or obstructing arbitration” looks good. “Global Dispute Resolution” and “Preservation of legal privilege in international litigation” also look interesting. I listened today to the interesting discussion at “20/20 vision: what keeps general counsel up at night.”

But what about the informal one-on-one personal discussions? That will be hard to replicate. And so, if you are attending the IBA and would like to meet for a “virtual coffee,” to exchange notes and have a friendly chat about our respective practices or anything else, please let me know—I would love to catch up! The best way to reach me is by email (ted (at), or else you can contact me at my firm website. I look forward to connecting!