Lucas Bento, a lawyer with Quinn Emanuel, is opposing counsel in a new 1782 case I’m defending and also, from my discussions with him, a fine lawyer and a good guy, so I thought it was time to buy his book, The Globalization of Discovery: the Law and Practice under 28 U.S.C. § 1782 (2020). It’s a good book! Much of it is doctrinal, and Lucas thoroughly covers the statutory requirements and the Intel factors. But to my mind the best chapters are the first two and the last. The beginning of the book gives an overview of the US discovery system that will be particularly useful for non-US lawyers and an historical overview of Section 1782. The last chapter gives some guidance on practical and strategic issues that can arise in Section 1782 cases. I suppose the last chapter could be longer and more detailed, but I’m also glad that Lucas hasn’t given away too much about the subtle science and exact art of cross-border discovery practice. This book is well worth your time.