Some Good Legal Ads

Readers, you may be wondering, “where as Letters Blogatory gone? Why have there been so few posts recently?” It’s just a combination of a very busy travel schedule recently and several big deadlines in my cases that all hit at the same time. Don’t worry! I will be back with new cases of the day and other posts soon, probably after January 1. In the meantime, here is the latest in my occasional series of favorite legal ads, this time from Los Angeles. Florida is still the undisputed king of lawyer billboards in my view, but there are some pretty good ones here.

Lawyer billboard

The first is from Bond Sanchez Gordon. I like this one because it has a comic book vibe. The lawyers look like superheroes and the typeface looks like it could say “Shazzam!” I am not sure I understand the thinking behind making your phone number “1-833-THE JUDGE,” though. All in all, a solid effort.

My Uber Lawyer

Here is an ad from someone who advertises as your “Uber lawyer.” And I thought I had a niche! On a second read, though, it wasn’t 100% clear whether this is a lawyer who can sue Uber for you or whether it is a really top lawyer, the Übermensch of lawyers. Maybe this lawyer should advertise as the “Uber-Uber lawyer” to make it clearer that he or she is both awesome and ready to sue Uber for you.

Sweet James

But my most favorite ad from this trip was this ad for “Sweet James.” I don’t understand this really, but I do know that Sweet James has my back. If you look through his website hard enough, you will find that “Sweet James” is really “Sweet James Bergener,” who is, apparently, the managing partner of Bergener Mirejovsky. Congratulations, Sweet James, on the awesome ad!

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