Readers, after sixteen years, I am saying farewell to my friends and colleagues at Murphy & King. I came to the firm in early 2003, after the firm where I had started in practice suddenly went out of business. My wife and I had our first child on the way. I had opportunities to go with this group or that group to one large firm or another. But we talked it through at home, and my wife gave me the best advice I ever got: “Strike out on your own a little! Do your own thing!” So that’s what I did.

Over time, I got to know the folks who eventually became my law partners. What a great group of mentors and colleagues in the practice of law. All of them merit a shout-out, but if I had to call out two in particular for my thanks, I’d mention Tim O’Neill, one of the great Boston trial lawyers, with whom I’ve worked very closely for many years on some really interesting cross-border stuff, and David Evans, an excellent arbitrator who was kind enough to get me started with the AAA. I’m also grateful that the firm was so supportive of Letters Blogatory. This was mainly by way of the firm’s collective tacit approval. At many firms, a managing partner might say, “You spent three hundred hours doing what?” I’ll always be grateful that my firm saw the value in its lawyers giving back to the legal community and sharing their expertise.

When I told everyone in early December that I was leaving, I was probably as surprised as anyone. It’s a happy occasion—I’ll give you more information about my new job in a few days—but also sad. I am grateful for my time here.