Attention PETA!


I wrote back in 2015 about the Monkey Selfie case. As the name suggests, a monkey took a selfie using a camera that a nature photographer set up in the monkey’s forest. PETA then brought a lawsuit against the photographer, alleging, supposedly on behalf of the monkey, that the monkey owned the copyright to the photograph. The case was a failure of course, though it didn’t fail before the photographer had to bear ruinous legal fees.

I have a kitten, Señor Puffenstuff, who like all kittens likes to explore and to put his paws where they don’t belong. Puffenstuff took this selfie yesterday. Who knew that a phone’s touchpad was responsive to a cat’s paw?

On PETA’s theory, it seems Señor Puffenstuff owns the copyright in this photograph and (leaving aside fair use) that I’ve infringed by publishing it here. PETA, bring it.

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