Month: September 2017

  • Supreme Court Cases to Watch

    Supreme Court Cases to Watch

    The Supreme Court is about to begin its October 2017 Term. For we happy few who focus on service of process, the Term is sure to be less interesting than last term, which featured the Water Splash case. (Kidding!) Here is a look at the cases I’ll be following in the coming year. Jesner v. […]

  • Case of the Day: In re Richmond Group

    The case of the day is Lustig v. Wilson (In re Richmond Group) (Bankr. W.D.N.Y. 2017). Lustig, the bankruptcy trustee of the Richmond Group, sued Wilson, who resided in New Zealand. Lustig sought leave under FRCP 4(f)(3) to serve process on Wilson by email. New Zealand is not a party to the Hague Service Convention, […]

  • Puerto Rico and the Jones Act

    The Times reports that the government has refused to waive the requirements of the Jones Act to aid Puerto Rico’s recovery from Hurricane Maria, as it had to aid Texas and Florida with their recoveries. What’s the Jones Act? It’s an early twentieth-century law that requires that all shipping between US ports must be carried […]

  • Case of the Day: Wimbledon Financing Master Fund v. Weston Capital Management

    The case of the day is Wimbledon Financing Master Fund, Ltd. v. Weston Capital Management, LLC (N.Y. Sup. Ct. 2017). Wimbledon sued Keith Laslop for aiding and abetting a fraud. After Wimbledon asserted that Laslop had been “duly served … in Canada in accordance with the Hague Convention” (by mail, according to the return of […]

  • Lago Agrio: LAPs Abandon Recognition and Enforcement Effort in Brazil

    Lago Agrio: LAPs Abandon Recognition and Enforcement Effort in Brazil

    The group representing the Lago Agrio plaintiffs announced last week that they have abandoned their efforts to have the Lago Agrio judgment recognized and enforced in Brazil. The announcement came on the same day the case was to be heard in the Brazilian court. According to the LAPs, Chevron had submitted documents to the court […]