Supreme Court Cases to Watch

Supreme Court building

The Supreme Court is about to begin its October 2017 Term. For we happy few who focus on service of process, the Term is sure to be less interesting than last term, which featured the Water Splash case. (Kidding!) Here is a look at the cases I’ll be following in the coming year.

  • Jesner v. Arab Bank. The question in this case, which the Court previously ducked in the Kiobel case, is whether a corporation can be found liable under the Alien Tort Statute.
  • Rubin v. Iran. The question is whether the exception in 28 U.S.C. § 1610(g) to FSIA immunity from attachment and execution in state-sponsored terrorism cases allows creditors to reach sovereign assets that otherwise would not be subject to attachment or execution under § 1610.

There are some other interesting internationally-themed cases on the docket, in particular cases about the administration’s immigration policies, which I may cover, too. Of course, you should also be reading SCOTUSBlog for full Supreme Court coverage.

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