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Readers, thank you for giving me your views on whether political posts should be kept separate from the main fare here at Letters Blogatory. The majority of readers said they liked the political coverage and had no problem with mixing it with more straightforward legal posts, but a few readers said they would prefer for the two to be separated. In order to try to satisfy everyone, I’ve launched a separate website, Blogatory | Politics, for my political posts. I’ve copied all of my posts on President-elect Trump to the new site (though comments, unfortunately, can’t be copied), and in the future, new posts will appear only on the new site. I will shortly have a way at the new site to subscribe by email, but for now, please check back frequently for new articles, either at the new site itself or at the bottom of this page, where the titles of the three most recent posts will be displayed.

2 responses to “New Blogatory | Politics Site Live!”

  1. Hard to separate life (and law) and politics! Keep your magnificent work up, please, in any case, dear and admired friend.

    Un gran abrazo. Paco.

    1. Thank you, Paco! I’m glad you’re enjoying the blog.

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