Second Edition!

Cover of International Judicial Assistance, second edition

MCLE has just published the second edition of my book, International Judicial Assistance: Serving Process, Obtaining Evidence, Enforcing Judgments and Awards. I have to say—and this is not false modesty—I was very surprised that the publisher had sold enough copies of the first edition to justify a second, but that being said, I was very happy to have the chance to improve some sections, correct some mistakes, and discuss new developments since 2012. I am especially thankful to my colleague Peter C. Obersheimer, who made a major contribution to getting the book into shape for the second edition.

As with the first edition, this is a nuts-and-bolts book directed mainly at Massachusetts lawyers unfamiliar with the mechanics of service abroad, taking evidence abroad, etc. So don’t look to it as a scholarly treatise, but it may come in handy even for lawyers outside Massachusetts.

By the way, the Second Edition will now be my go-to item for Letters Blogatory swag. So for those of you who entered my contest to predict the outcome of the Canadian hearing in the Lago Agrio case: this is your potential prize!

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