Thank you, readers!

ABA 2015 Blawg 100

Readers, thanks to those of you who were kind enough to nominate me for the 2015 ABA Journal Blawg 100, the ABA’s listing of the 100 best legal blogs of the year. I’m happy to say that the ABA has put me on the list for the third time in the last four years. There are a lot of good blogs on the list, and I’m grateful to be included in their company.

There’s still work to be done! One thing I notice when I look at the other blogs on the list is that many of them are visually more attractive than mine. On the other hand, maybe the look of Letters Blogatory is part of its charm. In any case, I am always on the lookout for ways to improve and I welcome suggestions.

If you have gotten the private international law bug and can read Spanish, may I suggest you also check out my sister blog, Cartas Blogatorias, which does what I do at Letters Blogatory for the Latin American world, with some coverage of the United States as well.

Thanks again for reading!

2 responses to “Thank you, readers!”

  1. Alex Blumrosen

    Well-deserved recognition for a veritable font of useful and up-to-date information. Congratulations!

    1. Thanks Alex! Some folks pooh-pooh this kind of thing. I confess I enjoy it, once a year, anyway.

      Good seeing you at Georgetown a few weeks ago!

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