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Update: All of the inquiries have been sent, with the exception of inquiries to Gov. Christie, Ms. Fiorina, Gov. Jindal, and Mr. Trump. I couldn’t find a press contact or inquiry form on the Christie, Fiorina, or Trump websites, and the Jindal website crashed my computer.

Readers, those of you who are US citizens, and I suppose those of you who aren’t, may be wondering where the candidates for president stand on issues of interest to us. And so today, I am sending a short questionnaire to the campaigns of the fifteen leading Republican candidates and the three leading Democratic candidates. Here are the questions:

  1. If elected, will you seek the advice and consent of the Senate on the ratification of the Convention on Choice of Court Agreements? Which approach to implementation of the Convention do you favor: the “federal-only” approach, a cooperative federalism approach, or a state law approach?
  2. Do you believe American courts should take international law or the law of foreign countries into account in appropriate cases when construing American law?
  3. Do you believe that the provisions on transparency in investor-state dispute settlement in the proposed Trans-Pacific Partnership go far enough, and if not, what additional provisions would you propose?
  4. Will you consider private international law experience in making decisions about judicial appointments?

Maybe the campaigns will ignore me, but I’ll be sure to publish any replies I receive. Stay tuned!

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