Marcus Junius Brutus

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Credit: Marie-Lan Nguyen

Chevron has settled yet another claim against a business that was associated with the Lago Agrio plaintiffs and their lawsuit in Ecuador. H5 was an e-discovery and litigation services firm that owned a small percentage interest in the Ecuadoran judgment. No cash changed hands, but H5 transferred its interest in the judgment to Chevron and agreed not to participate further in the Lago Agrio case.

It’s unclear from the settlement agreement precisely what H5 is alleged to have done wrong. It’s concerning that a mere e-discovery vendor would get caught up in this. H5 is hardly in the same position as, say, Stratus Consulting. I previously asked if there was something unseemly about the settlement with Patton Boggs, and I have the same feeling here given what seems—at least based on what is publicly known—to be a kind of overreach that could have systemic bad effects on the ability of plaintiffs in major cases to find qualified litigation support.