Lago Agrio: The Amici Are Coming!

Several amici curiae have filed briefs with the Second Circuit. Here are the briefs, for your reading pleasure. I haven’t had the time to do more than scan them yet.

I did note one fun zinger in the Civil Law Scholars’ brief:

We also put to one side Judge Kaplan’s conclusion that as a matter of fact it would have been impossible for the three-judge panel of the appellate court to conduct a de novo review of the 188 page trial judgment and the trial record within the period available—this despite the fact that Judge Kaplan himself was able to produce a 586 page decision less than a month after the close of briefing after the end of a seven week bench trial.

Update: Chevron has filed an opposition to Ecuador’s motion for leave to submit its amicus brief, and an opposition to the other amicis’ motions.

2 responses to “Lago Agrio: The Amici Are Coming!”

  1. Alejandro Manevich

    Perhaps a bit off-topic, but on the subject of amici and Lago Agrio: Wednesday, July 30 is the deadline for filing motions to intervene in the appeal by Chevron Corp and Chevron Canada before the Supreme Court of Canada.

    I have heard from usually reliable sources that there are potential interveners (as we call them) who are giving it serious thought, so watch this space!

    1. Thanks Alex! If you send any motions along, I will make them available here.

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