Bienvenido a Cartas Blogatorias

At the Special Committee meeting, I was discussing this blog with one of my colleagues, Venezuelan lawyer Javier L. Ochoa Muñoz of the American Association of Private International Law (ASADIP). I asked whether the name Cartas Blogatorias would work in Spanish as well as Letters Blogatory works in English, and Javier said it would indeed. And so I have registered the domain name with the intention of partnering with Latin American lawyers (I’m not putting Javier on the spot here!) to bring readers original Spanish-language coverage of international judicial assistance developments in Central and South America. Pretty cool, no?

And so in honor of the occasion, you’ll notice that I’ve changed the name of the blog for the day. (Email readers, you’ll need to check on the web to see the new name). Please don’t navigate to yet, because it’s not set up.

Maybe this will work in other languages, too. Commissions Blogatoires? Others?

9 responses to “Bienvenido a Cartas Blogatorias”

  1. f

    Fantastic idea!!

    1. I’m glad you think so! I will be looking for Spanish-speaking lawyers to run this, so …

      1. Flor

        Happy to help!!

        1. Great! I will be in touch.

  2. Alejandro Manevich

    Ted, I saw the name change yesterday evening, and was scratching my head wondering if someone had spiked my coffee.

    Now that I know it’s not a figment of my overactive imagination, I would be more than happy to volunteer for this. Spanish is (technically) my native language, though not (alas) my strongest one. Still, I have managed to use it in my legal practice from time to time, and would eagerly take up the opportunity to do so again.

    Alex (aka Alejandro)

    1. Thanks Alex! Be careful what you wish for!

      Why don’t you give me a call when it’s convenient to discuss. I have some others who are interested in this too, so if we can get a group to take responsibility for it, I think it has a good chance of success.

  3. Gustavo

    ¡Felicitaciones y adelante Ted!

    1. Thanks Gustavo! I am having discussions with some folks about this next week, so I hope to have something started in the near future.

  4. For anyone keeping track, I just registered, too!

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