The Chronicle of Higher Education has published an interesting coda to the Belfast Project litigation that I covered here extensively. The piece goes behind the scenes in the planning and negotiations that led to the project and the parties’ thoughts in the aftermath of the project’s implosion—primarily their thoughts about each other. The article does not really address any of the legal issues that were of interest to Letters Blogatory readers. To me the most interesting point in the article is one I’ve marveled at before. No one—not the Boston College people, not Moloney & McIntyre, not the interviewees—thought to consult a lawyer before entering into their written agreements. I can’t imagine that any competent lawyer would have advised any of the participants that there was no risk of a subpoena, even if the lawyer thought a challenge to the subpoenas was possible or even winnable. The moral of the story, from that perspective, is to consult with your lawyer before you enter into important agreements!

Thanks to Chris Bray for bringing the new article to my attention.