More on the New Search Feature

Readers, have you tried the new Letters Blogatory search feature yet? Here are a couple of suggestions for how you can use it.

  1. You can search on more than one criterion. So for example, you could search for all cases from the Southern District of New York that involve § 1782. Or you could search for all US state court cases involving the Hague Service Convention. Go ahead—give those two searches a try!
  2. You can also select multiple courts or multiple statutory provisions. So for example, you could search for all cases that involve § 1782 from the Southern District of New York or the Seventh Circuit.
  3. At the top of the screen, in the menu bar (click on the “Navigation” link if you’re using a mobile device), you’ll see a new menu item called “Index.” It will feature search pages to help you narrow in on what you’re looking for. So far, the only page that’s live is the US State Court index. Give it a try!

As I noted in my last post on this topic, my team of volunteers and I have gotten much of the database coded, but not all. I am going to try to finish up the coding as time permits, and I will let you know when it is done. Until then, you can’t really have any confidence that the search results will capture all Letters Blogatory cases of the day. But I’m getting there!

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