Welcome to the liveblog of today’s symposium, “Lessons from Chevron”! The symposium is sponsored by the Stanford Journal of Complex Litigation. The liveblog is jointly sponsored by the Journal and by Letters Blogatory. Thank you to editors-in-chief Nick Landsman-Roos and Matt Woleske for agreeing on such short notice to participate in the liveblog.

You’ll find the updated schedule here. As you can see, the morning will focus on one-on-one conversations with key participants in the case. Following a break at 11:30 (all times are UTC -8), there will be a panel discussion on third-party litigation funding, followed by lunch. The symposium will resume at 1:30 with discussions of legal ethics and forum non conveniens, and following another break at 4 pm, discovery practice.

The plan is for Nick and Matt to liveblog as they are able. Readers, if you have comments or questions, please submit a comment to this post. I may chime in from time to time via the liveblog as well, though I’m not attending the symposium and so will only be in a position to ask questions or to comment on the livebloggers’ comments, not to report on what’s being said.

Those of you who are following the case closely may be interested in a new interim award issued yesterday by the BIT tribunal hearing the dispute between Ecuador and Chevron. I’m not going to comment on it in this post, but I will have more coverage sometime next week.

Enjoy the liveblog!